SuperCon, PromCon 2018 and… THE FOOD TRUCK?!

Hi Guys, there is soooo much going on. And it’s ALL GOOD.

First- SuperCon was last week and it was such a success. We made a record 5k taiyaki for the event. Here are the boys hamming it up for me on Sunday when we’d sold the last one. Cam was so, so tired.

But the BIG BIG news is this- we are getting a FOOD TRUCK. We realized about a year ago that we’ve taken taiyaki as far as we can with cons, and it’s time to expand. The recent announcement of the demise of Animate! Miami and Paradise City made that even more apparent. We announce that the search was on on Thursday July 5th, and by the following Sunday, we had secured THE TRUCK. And here it is 🙂

Friends, it needs a lot of help to become the Gaijin Taiyaki (and more) truck, so we are doing two things.  First, is the GoFundMe (clicky clicky!) to help us raise donations. Our goal is  $5k, but it would be so nice to blow that out of the water! Please help us in our quest and share that link! The OTHER thing we are doing is holding an event at Undergrounds Coffeehaus in Fort Lauderdale, and we’re calling it PromCon 2018! It’s going to be on August 25th, tickets are $20, and all proceeds go towards the truck. We intend to have the truck there, in whatever state it’s in, to be admired and toured by attendees. We are really excited about everything coming up and we hope you are too. Tickets for PromCon, along with custom one of a kind shirts, postcards from the truck, and other fun ways to help us out can be found on our online store!


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